I went out to the hazel wood, Because a fire was in my head… ~ William Butler Yeats “You can call me Hazel”, she said as a cold winter breeze drifted through her catkin hair, making the golden tassels ripple and dance. The movement stirred up infinitesimal motes that took flight, getting caught up in Read More

Botanical Name: Filipendula ulmaria Botanical Family: Rosaceae (Rose family) Common Name: Mead-sweet, Queen of the Meadow, Bridewort, Lady of the Meadow Part Used: aerial portions Collection: between June-August, at the time of flowering Organs Affected: liver, bladder, colon Vital Actions: Anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory, stomachic, antacid, anti-emetic, astringent Active Constituents: Salicylic aldehyde & spireine, methyl salicylate, spiraeine Read More